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Benchtop tablesaws can handle dadoes


 I recently purchased a Bosch 4000 benchtop tablesaw and wanted to buy a dado blade for it. When I went into a woodworking store to purchase one, the store owner said that a dado blade was unsafe for a benchtop tablesaw. He said the saw isn’t heavy enough. Do you agree with his warning?
—Tony Brantzeg, Downington, Pa.


 Unless you’re cutting something extremely heavy or unwieldy, Tony, the 4000 should be able to handle most dado chores using an 8" blade set. We were able to mount a 78 " dado in the 4000 we recently tested. For added capacity, mount the narrower of the two washers nearest the motor, advises Michael Williams, Bosch benchtop tools product manager. Using a shop-made zero-clearance insert, we managed a maximum blade height of 218 ". Bosch’s dado set accessory (part #TS1007), which includes a table insert and instructions, cuts a maximum 1316 " dado up to 218 " deep. For added stability while making cuts—including dadoes in long boards or full panels on any portable saw—enlist a helper or use outfeed supports to control workpieces.

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