Learn how to get the most out of this shop workhorse - your tablesaw. Find out about tablesaw setup, tablesaw blade selection, and how to cut joinery.

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Tool review: 3-HP Tablesaws
With riving knives now required to earn approval by Underwriters Laboratories, manufacturers took the opportunity to freshen up their saws. We tested 9 of them.
Make Your Own Cove Molding
Safely "shape" wide concave cuts using your tablesaw and these techniques.
Zero (chip-out) tolerance
Don't accept workpiece chip-out on your tablesaw. Instead, eliminate it by using a zero-clearance insert for every cut you make.
Get The Most From Your Portable Tablesaw
Its low price and small footprint make a job-site saw a good first tablesaw. These tips, jigs, and accessories turn your go-anywhere tablesaw into a go-to machine.
Shop Test: Tablesaw Jigs and Accessories
Make your work at the tablesaw easier, safer, and more accurate with these aftermarket upgrades.

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These shop-made add-ons juice the most important machine in your arsenal.
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I’m preparing to purchase a tablesaw and have been researching the features of different models. What’s the difference between a riving knife and a splitter?
How do tablesaw types compare?

I’m trying to decide whether to buy a contractor-style tablesaw, a cabinet saw, or one of the new hybrids. How should I compare the three types?