Pick up tips on selecting the right sandpaper and sander for the job. Learn about using and maintaining random-orbit sanders, orbital sanders, belt sanders, disc sanders, and drum sanders.

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Random-Orbit Sander vs. Orbital Finishing Sanders
For this article, we'll focus on the most popular classes of both types: 5" random-orbit and quarter-sheet orbital finishing sanders.
Portable Drum Sander
Drum-sand curved edges quickly and accurately with this super-simple jig.
"Moderation in all things" applies to sanding, too
Some sources recommend sanding wood only to 220 grit. Why not keep going with finer grits and make the surface even smoother?
Get the Right-size Random-orbit Sander
Can’t decide between a 5" and 6" model? Here’s what each does best.
Do sander holes reflect performance?
Doesn’t it stand to reason that a larger sander—which removes more material—would need more holes to suck up the dust?
12" Disc Sanders
These benchtop beasts bring both muscle and finesse to sanding chores.

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5" Random-orbit sanders
These tools make quick work (in most cases) of removing milling marks and getting workpieces ready for finish.
Sand Away Bandsaw Marks on Curved Edges

Do you know a technique for smoothing plywood edges? I need to remove fuzzy bandsaw lines without rounding over the edges, and I have a lot of pieces to do.