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Preserve the Plunge

  • Plunge router

    If your plunge router hangs up or slips down when it shouldn’t, use these quick tips to get it back on track.

  • Dust

    If the plunge action catches or drags, the guide rods may be dirty. Use compressed air, as shown in opener, to blast off loose dust; then, wipe the rods with a rag dipped in mineral spirits to remove rust or stubborn particles, above left. Finally, lubricate and protect the guide rods by applying a nonstick tool spray, such as Bostik GlideCote (no. 124627, $21, 800-225-1153,, above.

  • Clamping motor

    If the base doesn’t grip the motor tightly, it may cause the bit’s cutting depth to suddenly deepen as the motor slips. Snug the clamp tension screw to get a better bite on the router motor.

  • Plunge lock

    Plunge lock not providing enough purchase? Tighten the locking stud on the plunge-lock lever. Be careful to not overtighten it, or you may not be able to plunge at all! 

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