These bits go a long way to adding distinctive detail

Mega Flush-Trim

(12 " shanks only)
34 ×114 ", no. 06-692, $49.90
34 ×2", no. 06-693, $69.90
112 ×114 ", no. 06-694, $89.90
112 ×2", no. 06-695, $129.90
​4-pc. set, no. 00-694, $299.90


Infinity Cutting Tools

The Mega Flush-Trim compression bits, shown above, work great for pattern routing because the combination of upcut and downcut shearing cutters eliminates chip-out on both workpiece faces. They cut cleanly and smoothly and produce precise results. To maximize the compression advantage, center the bit height on the workpiece thickness, which might require a thicker template. We like the 112 "-diameter bits because they cut at a shallower angle than the 34 " bits, making them less "grabby" in reversing-grain shapes, such as circles. But if you can get only one bit, go for the 34 ×114 "—it's the one we use most often.

1⁄8 "-radius Traditional Bead

no. 80-102 (14 " shank), $34



We love this bit for table aprons because the bead and recess create a shadow that adds an eye-catching detail to an otherwise plain surface. You can also use this bit on the edge of adjacent faces of a workpiece to create a full-round bead that wraps around the corner.

11⁄2 " Rail & Stile Profile

no. 99-060, $64



This bit has multiple uses, a great attribute in a premium-priced bit. It works great for routing mating cope-and-stick profiles for door rails and stiles (use a slot-cutting bit [no. 99-062, $62] for the mating tenon and slot). But we use it most often to rout one-step edge profiles on small box lids and tabletops. The combination of a cove, round-over, and fillet provides a pleasing look scaled appropriately for smaller projects like these.