When you need to set a router bit or saw blade to a precise cutting depth, use one of these handy accessories for can’t-miss measurements.
Gauge measuring height of bit on a router.

Peachtree Woodworking depth gauge, no. 1058, $9

You can spend more for bells and whistles, but this gauge simply delivers 15 accurate measurements from 18 " to 1" in 116 " increments without fuss or extravagance, shown above.
888-512-9069, ptreeusa.com

Infinity Cutting Tools combo gauge, no. 100-251, $10

Metal tool to measure router depth.

This aluminum gauge shows depth settings along its edges from 18 " to 1" in 116 " increments. The stepped increments on the pictured face help you set stacked-dado blade widths, with labels on the opposite face for setting blade heights up to 2" in 18 " increments.
877-872-2487, infinitytools.com

Milescraft depth gauge, no. 8601, $8

Measuring tool. Ruler moves up and down through the middle of tool.

A 5"-long rule with inch markings on one side and metric on the other fits into the plastic saddle that straddles the blade or bit. We like the large brass knob that locks the rule securely.
224-227-6930, milescraft.com

Kreg Tool precision setup bars, no. PRS3400, $70

Seven individual metal pieces representing different heights.

For the woodworker who demands both style and substance, these seven aluminum gauges store in a convenient plastic case and feature three places to measure specific increments. The downside: They can't help beyond 12 " of depth/height.
800-447-8638, kregtool.com

Rockler bit center/depth gauge, no. 55010, $20

Measuring tool on router table.

This multifunction gauge features a 12" rule marked in easy-to-read inches and metric increments, but we found the angled edge of the cursor tricky to line up precisely. (We darkened the underside edge with a black marker to improve readability.) The gauge also works well for setting a router-table fence a precise distance from the center of 14 "- and 12 "-shank bits.
800-279-4441, rockler.com