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How to increase your mitersaw's capacity



My 10" compound mitersaw can’t quite cut completely through a 2×6, leaving a tiny corner uncut. It’s awkward to flip the board and finish the cut without it breaking and splintering, and I don’t always get it lined up with the first cut. Is there a way to squeeze just a little more capacity out of my mitersaw?
—Mark Silva, Sacramento, Calif.


There sure is, Mark: If you can’t cut wider, go deeper. Simply raise the 2×6 by placing 134 "-thick scrapwood spacer between the board and your saw’s table. By doing this, you use more of the blade’s width and cut cleanly through the board in one pass. Be sure to hold the spacer and 2×6 firmly to prevent shifting during the cut. If you need to make more than a couple of cuts, secure the spacer to the mitersaw table with double-faced tape.

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