Battery-powered jigsaws free you to navigate intricate curves and switchbacks without fighting a power cord. The best cordless jigsaws provide a clear line of sight to the blade, easy speed changes (especially during a cut), and tool-free blade changes. We tested 11 lithium-ion-powered saws, and recommend these three. (Because most jigsaws are sold without battery packs, it might make sense to get one that shares batteries with your drill or other cordless tools.)

18-volt Bosch JSH180 (shown above)

$150 (without battery pack)

2 Ah pack (BAT612) $70; 4 Ah pack (BAT620) $100
With an LED task light, built-in blower, and wide open-front footplate, this saw provided the best line of sight of all models tested, helping you cut precisely. We also like its on/off trigger, with a soft, responsive touch and built-in variable speed. Battery run-time and balance proved good with any size pack, and vibration was minimal.

20-volt DeWalt DCS331B 

$150 (without battery pack)


2-amp-hour (Ah) pack (DCB203) $90; 4 Ah pack (DCB204) $120; saw with 4 Ah pack and charger (DCS331M1) $280
At 634 pounds (with a 4 Ah pack), this saw weighs a pound more than the Bosch or Ryobi. Still, it handles well in use with little vibration. It has good blade visibility (despite no LED), a variable-speed trigger, tool-free footplate, and an easy-to-use blade release.

18-volt Ryobi P523 

$60 (without battery pack)


2 Ah pack (P102) $40; 4 Ah pack (P105) $60
You can't beat the value of this saw. Even if you have to buy a battery pack with the saw, you're in for only $100–$120. Although it vibrates more than the Bosch and DeWalt, this saw cuts nicely with good sight lines and balance, and the variable-speed slide switch is within reach of your thumb without letting go of the trigger.

And check out our favorite blade  

Bosch Xtra-Clean-For-Wood 12-tpi jigsaw blade, no. T308B, 5-pack $11

  • This blade cuts cleaner than any we've used. Its multi-angle teeth leave little to no tear-out in solid wood, veneered sheet goods, and even melamine-coated particleboard, with cut edges that need only a light sanding.
  • 877-267-2499,