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Make Smoothing Wood Just Plane Simple

Sand less by tackling tricky wood grains with a scraping plane.

Before sandpaper, craftsmen turned to a card scraper when they needed a silky-smooth surface. Today, scrapers still work wonders for taming wild wood grain, and provide you with a welcome break from the noise and dust of sanding. 

Unlike handheld card scrapers, a scraping plane requires less effort, especially on large surfaces, and holds the blade at a consistent angle. (It also costs 10–20 times more than a card scraper.)

Anatomy of a Scraping Plane

Frog adjustment wheels fine-tune the angle of the blade. Tighten the blade bow thumbscrew to create a slight concave in thin blades to help eliminate edge marks.

First, burnish the blade

As with any bench plane, clean cuts depend on a sharp blade, so sharpen a scraping plane blade as you would a conventional blade. Slightly round the ends of the bevel to keep the blade from leaving marks with each pass.

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