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Improve Your Contractor Saw's Dust Collection From the Top Down

Reduce airborne sawdust by building this simple blade guard adaptor for hookup to your shop vacuum. It saddles the guard and pulls dust through the factory cutout in most newer tablesaws. Build it as shown in the photo and drill a hole in the adaptor for a friction fit with the hose. We used 114 " vacuum hose because it’s more flexible than 212 " hose. When hanging it from the ceiling, leave just enough slack so the guard rests naturally in place. 


To enclose the back of the saw, use a couple pieces of 18 " hardboard or MDF. Measure and cut openings for the motor mount and drive belt, and then cut and attach strips of magnetic sheets (available at office supply stores). An exact fit isn’t necessary—a little return air actually improves dust collection. Remove the cover to tilt the blade for bevel cuts. 


Give your saw a 4" dust port by dropping a 14" square tablesaw dust hood into the bottom of your saw’s cabinet. Create enough space to install it by tilting the blade as far as your saw will allow.  





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