Upping the amps


When my 14.4-volt cordless drill batteries gave out, I found I could buy a new cordless drill with two batteries and a charger for about the same price as two replacement batteries, so that’s what I did. The new batteries were marked 2.6 Ah, while my old drill’s batteries were marked 2 Ah. The salesman said I could use the 2.6-Ah batteries in my old drill. Is this correct?
—John Watkins, Ozark, Ark.


So long as the new batteries fit into the old drill and are the same voltage, they’ll work just fine, John. Batteries with higher ampere-hour (Ah) ratings store more energy than batteries with lower Ah ratings. Your old drill will run roughly 30 percent longer with your new 2.6-Ah batteries than with the old ones.

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