Masking tape clamps small glue-ups

For small glue-ups, masking tape provides sufficient clamping pressure to hold your workpiece together while the glue sets.


I’ve built small projects, such as a photo frame and a jewelry box, with delicate, difficult-to-clamp parts. Is there some fast-setting adhesive that will allow me to use hand pressure to clamp until the glue “grabs?”
—Kevin deMarco, Round Rock, Texas


Look to masking tape, Kevin. It makes a great helping hand for small-part glue-ups where clamps would be overkill or wouldn’t find purchase.

On the other hand, if you need an excuse to add to your tool collection, you could invest in a 23-gauge pin nailer. These fine fasteners excel at delicate tasks, such as applying molding, and leave barely noticeable holes that virtually disappear when filled.

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