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All about wood chisels
Hand-cut half-blind dovetails with only a pair of chisels and a mallet
Troubleshooting Chisel Sharpening Mistakes
Problems with chisel sharpening? We tackle the common problems and their solutions.
Still handy after all these years
Sharpening Chisels
Tim Peters, master furnituremaker and professed hand-tool junkie, heads the woodworking department at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. He explains here how to sharpen chisels.
Enjoy big-time safety cutting tiny pieces
Making small parts using a mitersaw or tablesaw can be a dicey affair.
What's the best bevel angle for my chisel?
What bevel angle makes the most sense for my wood chisels. Can you cut through the murk and provide some clarity?

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How do you sharpen a corner chisel?
I use a spring-loaded corner chisel (below)—and a few mallet taps—to square up corners of hinge mortises and similar recesses. But how do I sharpen it after the cutting edge dulls?