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How do you make bandsaw tensioning easier?


I’m satisfied with my bandsaw, except for the blade tensioning knob. The 212 " diameter knob is too small for my hands and it’s too close to the housing. Has anyone found a larger knob, handle, or crank that makes tension adjustment easier?
—Bob Rufener, Hartford, Wisconsin


You’ll need only five minutes to replace that knob with an easy-to-turn crank, Bob. That’s how long it took us to install the Quik-Crank bandsaw tensioner, which works on most 14" bandsaws. Just unscrew the original threaded tensioning rod and knob, add the replacement rod and nut, and attach the crank using the setscrew and Allen wrench provided, as shown above.

If you need a more heavy-duty option, install a Spinner 3 tensioning crank. This retrofit uses a 5" chromed cast-iron crank wheel attached to a 38 " acme-threaded rod and bronze nut designed to keep the tension setting from slipping. Both types, available at Highland Woodworking (800/241-6748), fit most brands of 14" bandsaws. 

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