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Here you'll learn how to use power tools and hand tools to full advantage in your woodworking shop. These include the table saw, jointer, bandsaw, mitersaw, CNC machine and others.

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Miter Gauges and Sleds
Ramp up your tablesaw’s accuracy with one (or maybe two?) of these aftermarket accessories.
8 Great ways to use a combination square
A good combination square, properly used, is worth its weight in gold. Let us show you eight practical uses.
Shop Tested Shoulder Planes
Use these handy tools to trim tenons, rabbets, or half-laps for a perfect fit. We tested 11 models in search of the best.
Buying used tools
Save some cash when outfitting your shop by learning how to spot good deals on used equipment. It’s the perfect time to arm yourself with a bit of knowledge and a healthy dose of patience to score some deals on used tools.
Portable Tablesaws
A job-site tablesaw cuts through concerns about limited budget and shop space. We test 12 models on collapsible stands in search of the best.

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Cordless Jigsaws

Although you’ll rarely cut project parts to final size and shape with a jigsaw, one that cuts clean curves and field cuts minimizes sanding afterward, Learn which of 12 battery-powered tools are the best