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Here you'll learn how to use power tools and hand tools to full advantage in your woodworking shop. These include the table saw, jointer, bandsaw, mitersaw, CNC machine and others.

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Miter Gauges and Sleds
Ramp up your tablesaw’s accuracy with one (or maybe two?) of these aftermarket accessories.
8 Great ways to use a combination square
A good combination square, properly used, is worth its weight in gold. Let us show you eight practical uses.
Belt It Out: 9 Shop-Tested Belt Sanders
When you need a tool to remove material in a hurry—smoothing glued-up panels or rough-sawn boards, for example—few tools beat a belt sander. In our experience, a sander that weighs 9–10 pounds, provides the best control without being too heavy. We tested nine models and recommend these.
Meet The Joinery Dream Team
Create just about any joint imaginable with these tools.
 A Buyer's Guide to Benchtop CNC Machines
For most hobbyist and small-shop woodworkers, a benchtop unit likely provides all the function you’ll ever need. But the more you spend, the more features and capacity you get.

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Our Favorite Specialty Chisels
As your woodworking skills grow and your interests broaden, you’ll soon discover that even a great set of bench chisels won’t suffice for every job. That's where specialty chisels earn their keep. For five specific tasks, here are our favorite models.
Our Favorite Doweling Jigs
A good doweling jig should be intuitive, easy to use, and accurate. We've tried 'em all, and these are the jigs we like best.
Precision on the go

For precisely drilled holes, you can’t beat a drill press if the workpiece fits on it.