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Here you'll learn how to use power tools and hand tools to full advantage in your woodworking shop. These include the table saw, jointer, bandsaw, mitersaw, CNC machine and others.

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Miter Gauges and Sleds
Ramp up your tablesaw’s accuracy with one (or maybe two?) of these aftermarket accessories.
8 Great ways to use a combination square
A good combination square, properly used, is worth its weight in gold. Let us show you eight practical uses.
Nailed It
Make your nailers work more effectively with these 16 tips.
Your Next Hand Planes
What is the best kind of hand plane? The choices for which planes to acquire next become more dependent on what kind of work you intend to do and your overall commitment to hand tools in general.
Bob's Router Roundup
As WOOD® magazine’s Tools Editor, I’ve used more routers (literally all of them) than anyone else on staff, and own more than I should admit. In fact, if I can do a job with a router—handheld or in a table—rather than a tablesaw, I’m doing it. Here are my four favorites.

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Get The Most From Your Portable Tablesaw
Its low price and small footprint make a job-site saw a good first tablesaw. These tips, jigs, and accessories turn your go-anywhere tablesaw into a go-to machine.
Cordless Jigsaws
Although you’ll rarely cut project parts to final size and shape with a jigsaw, one that cuts clean curves and field cuts minimizes sanding afterward, Learn which of 12 battery-powered tools are the best
Our Favorite Specialty Chisels

As your woodworking skills grow and your interests broaden, you’ll soon discover that even a great set of bench chisels won’t suffice for every job. That's where specialty chisels earn their keep. For five specific tasks, here are our favorite models.