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Align your tablesaw splitter for safe rip cuts

Your saw’s splitter and anti-kickback pawls are two important components of accurate and safe rip cuts. As its name implies, the splitter keeps the kerf open after the blade makes the cut, preventing pinching that can burn a cut. Follow this simple procedure to check that the splitter is centered behind the blade. Loosen the mounting bolts to shift the splitter behind the blade. The spring-loaded anti-kickback pawls are the pointed guards held against the stock with  pressure. The pawls glide over the stock as long as the cut is proceeding normally, but jam into the wood if the blade tries to shoot it backward toward you during a kickback. Prevent an accident by making certain that the pawls operate correctly. Use a straight piece of wood to check that the splitter is directly behind the blade so it doesn't interfere with the cut.

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