In the past, whenever I turned off my finishing sander, it seemed I had to wait forever for it to stop vibrating before laying it on the bench. So, I provided a perch for my sander using an 8 x 12" scrap of plywood as a base and some scrap wood for the sides. I lined the box with a folded towel to absorb the vibration, and then wedged two pieces of rigid EPS (extruded polystyrene) foam insulation in the box along two edges to secure the towel.Now I can immediately lay the sander down when finished, and it won't try to vibrate off the workbench. The towel even deadens the sound. As an added bonus, I find the sander box useful for holding small parts when disassembling something, and I use the foam as a handy pencil holder.—Chuck Burlingame, Clayton, N.Y.