Quickly removing the sharp edges from the glass shelves with fine sandpaper and a sanding block makes them safe to handle. But with just a little extra work, you can give them a smooth, uniform, good-looking ground edge. Here's how.First, adhere 220-grit wet/dry sandpaper to a smooth, flat, water-resistant substrate with spray adhesive. (We used a piece of 3/4"-thick melamine-coated particleboard.) To accommodate the length of the shelves, use two sheets in the arrangement shown. Then dribble water onto the sandpaper. Wearing leather gloves to protect your hands, work one edge of the shelf back and forth, using moderate pressure and long even strokes. Keep the sandpaper wet. Periodically inspect the edge by wiping it with a dry cloth. When all shiny spots have been replaced by a dull sheen, tilt the shelf 45° one way and then the other, giving it a few strokes in each position to remove the sharp edges. Repeat on the other three edges.