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Sjobergs Nordic Plus Workbench



The smallest of the Nordic Plus series, the 1450 is 52.75" long, with a maximum clamping distance of 62.5" (vises mounted on both ends). Bench weight is 66 lbs.

SJÖBERGS of Sweden has been manufacturing top quality workbenches for over 80 years. Their entire product line of workbenches was designed to meet the needs of a modern day woodworker and to take advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques. The range of features is truly amazing and cannot be matched by any other manufacturer. Based upon the latest SJÖBERGS design, the Nordic Plus series gives you the size you need at a price you can afford. The bench top is constructed in hard Nordic Birch. The amazing versatility of vice location permits left or right handed use, clamping on both ends or dual clamping on the front. All of the wood in the bench is FSC certified which guarantees forestry renewal. The hard Nordic birch top is built to last for a lifetime of normal use. Supplied with four steel bench dogs with a plastic coating to protect your edge tools. There is a double row of 3/4" clamping holes working from each of the four vise locations, giving an endless opportunity to clamp your work! All three benches are 33-1/2" high, 19-5/8" wide, have a 1-1/8" top thickness at the center and a 2-3/4" thick skirt. Vises open 4-1/2". These benches are available with or without a storage cabinet.

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