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Noden Adjust-A-Bench

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The Noden Adjust-A-Bench is award-winning woodworker Geoffrey Noden’s response to his need - and yours - for a solid, stable work surface that changes height quickly and with ease.

The heart of the Adjust-A-Bench lies in a pair of nesting frames (or trays), designed to retrofit with rails to a workman’s existing bench top. Made from 1/8" thick mild steel with a powder coated finish, the nesting frames stand 26.25", and add a range of adjustment of 16.5" to a bench’s height through their unique ratchet mechanism. The inner tray slides vertically thru 12 ratchet locking stops, guided by the outer tray, conveniently raising and lowering your work surface to meet the demands of your job. A convenient foot pedal releases the locking stops.

The Noden Adjust-A-Bench will provide you with a comfortable, effective range of access to your work surface, increasing the overall efficiency of your existing workbench.

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Heavy duty height adjustable workbench

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My shop is crowded ,with lots of machinery, so I needed a work bench that could double as an assembly table. I searched far and wide for a heavy duty high quality adjustable workbench, that was also mobile.This workbench hardware filled the bill and height adjustments are easy and smooth, even with very heavy tops since you only adjust one side at a time.The steel in this is all 1/8 thick and is pretty hefty.
The weight of the hardware combined with your own custom made worktop makes for a very sturdy and stable unit. All these features and still having storage below was just to much for me to pass up. It's so very nice to have a workbench that you can adjust to a comfortable and or practical working height. If your looking for a workbench system that does it all, then this is it.

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