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Bench Solution Collapsible Workbench

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Bench Solution


The Bench Solution Fold Away Workbench converts in seconds from the down position, that is 4" off the wall, into a large 60" x 24" x 1.5" workbench, counter or desk. This is not only the largest "On Demand" work surface but the only one where a person can place large objects on it and still have room to work. Choose the perfect height for your project during installation. The 400-pound load rating makes Bench Solution the perfect multi-purpose surface for residential and commercial applications.

WOOD magazine review

Breakdown bench stores flat against the wall

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My tiny, single-car garage barely leaves room on each side to open the car doors, so I could never have a typical workbench and still get the car inside. But the Bench Solution workbench lets me have it both ways. This sturdy wall-mounted bench has a 2×5' top of 1-1⁄2"-thick laminated hard maple sitting on a square-tube steel frame. When raised into position, the bench held my weight plus a few hundred pounds of tools and supplies. I worked on it without any flexing or wobbling.
When finished, I simply release the metal supports using the front-mounted handles and the bench folds down to a mere 3-1⁄2" from the wall. Despite its heft, it’s a breeze to raise and lower. --Tested by Greg Sellers

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