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Traditional Woodworker Bevel-Edge Bench Chisels

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Traditional Woodworker


This Set of Six Bevel Edge Chisels comes with a custom fitted wooden box for safe storage. The set includes sizes 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1".
The stated sizes are true imperial inch sizes and not metric approximations. Made according to the most stringent German industrial norms, these Bevel Edge Chisels are made by one of the remaining chisel makers in Germany. The blades are hand-forged from special German high carbon steel and hardened and tempered to a guaranteed level of Rc 61. The ability to take and hold an edge has been further enhanced by adding small amounts of Chromium and Vanadium alloys to the steel. The blades are mirror polished to facilitate re-sharpening and honing.

Sturdy and double-hooped hornbeam handles allows for mallet use should it be needed. Although pretty sharp straight from the box a final honing to suit individual preferences is recommended. The blade lengths range between 4-3/4” and 6”. Overall lengths range between 9-3/4” and 12”. Each chisel also comes with an edge guard for added protection.

WOOD magazine review

Good blend of performance and value

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With comfortable, sculpted hornbeam handles, these German-made chisels performed nicely when sharp. The blades had nearly flat backs and shined with a high polish out of the box, but with average edge retention, you’ll sharpen them frequently. Also available in an 11-piece set.

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