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Robert Sorby Bench Chisels

WOOD magazine rating
Robert Sorby Sheaf River
Sheaf River 530


Sheaf River Bench Chisels feature a new tapered bolster/ferrule design with comfortable handles crafted from hard wearing American ash and blades made from drop stamped, high carbon steel that are capable of being sharpened to half a micron – four times sharper than a disposable razor. Each chisel comes with a 25° main bevel and a 30° honing bevel, making it ideal for use in hardwoods. Prior to leaving the factory, our chisels are fully "dressed" - backs flattened, cutting edges honed and top corners softened to make our chisels ready to use right out of the box. Plus, Robert Sorby hardness tests every individual tool before it leaves the factory. All this is done to ensure your getting the finest quality to from one of the world's premier handtool manufacturers and Woodcraft. Chisels are approximately 10 3/8" long, and the set includes one each of the following: 6mm (1/4"), 10mm (3/8"), 13mm (1/2"), 19mm (3/4") and 25mm (1").

WOOD magazine review

Nice handles, but blades dull quickly

Review Summary

With blades made of the same steel as Sorby’s octagonal-handled models, we observed the same short longevity-between-sharpenings issues—the quickest to dull among the 17 sets we tested. We like these ash handles better than the boxwood octagonals. The tapered handles have a smooth transition to the ferrule and bolster for nice ease of use for hand-guided use and with a mallet as well.

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