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Lee Valley Batoning Chisel

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Lee Valley
Batoning Chisel


A sturdy tool, the chisel has a stainless-steel handle double-scarf welded to a manganese steel blade. The handle scales are resin-impregnated pakka wood. Designed to provide a comfortable grip whether used as a chisel or a knife, it is one of the handiest utility tools you can carry when working away from the shop. Measures 6.75" long.

Abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant nylon scabbard included.

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Lee Valley batoning chisel

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Lee valley recently introduced an interesting set of left/right handed batoning chisles. They're about nine inches long with three inch long blade bodies. 'Batoning' means to be struck, and this chisel set is meant to be used by striking either the traditional butt end or a flat side on the left or right side of the chisel (which side is flat depends on which model you have). The chisles sport a cutting edge on the front nose just like every other chisel you've ever used.
But these batoning chisels also have a cutting edge on either the left or the right side of the blade body. This opens up new possibilities for what a chisel is and how you can use it. As delivered this chisel set was below expectations. The handle end was pretty and perfect, but the blade was more roughly ground than I thought that it should be. I had to do about half an hour's worth of prep work with a WorkSharp in order to lap the backs truly flat and to get very smooth faces on the intersecting cutting edges. And the front and side cutting surfaces weren't factory ground at exactly 90° to one another, which took some additional work to rehab. Realistically they don't need to be at a perfect right angle to one another, but for ease in future sharpenings I chose to get things 'just so' so that touchups would be easier. In use the chisel seems to be a bit more of a rough carpentry tool than for fine woodworking. It'll help you hog off a good amount of wood with its batoning action. Then you can turn to your finer chisels and planes to sweeten up the surface. Even so, at under $17 per chisel they're a good value. And they look to be useful overall.

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