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Japanese White Steel Chisel

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For over 200 years the Matsumura family has had the reputation for supplying only the best quality chisels. The current Matsumura began over 50 years ago to follow in the footsteps of his father. He continues to live and work at the family home located in the small mountain village of Yoiita. Mr. Matsumura personally fashions each chisel from start to finish. Best quality "white" steel is forge welded by hand to wrought iron, and is carefully tempered to Rockwell c64 to produce a hard cutting edge with a durable core. The blades and shanks are finished in the traditional unpolished manner. Each chisel is fully sharpened and a best quality hand-turned, double hooped Akagashi (Japanese Red Oak) handle is fitted.

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The finest chisels ever !

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When I first started in woodworking I bought the least expensive set of chisels I could find. Needles to say they wouldn't hold an edge more than a minute or two. Since then I've done my research and discovered that the Japanese master chisel makers produce the best chisels, that hold an edge the longest. Every tool review I've read since then confirms this fact.
I currently own Narex and Two Cherries chisels as well and this chisel runs circles around either of them, as far as holding an edge goes. I'm not particularly fond of sharpening, so to me the high cost of these far out way the savings in sharpening time. And when it does come sharpening time they are easy to sharpen, partially because of the concave blade back. Don't be hesitant to purchase these, unless you really enjoy sharpening chisels over using them.

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