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Blue Spruce Bench Chisels

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Blue Spruce
Bench Chisels


Blue Spruce Toolworks Bench Chisels are some of the finest quality chisels available today. They are specifically designed for heavy duty use and should be your first set of chisels. Made with both a strong socket and a deep tang construction, they are stronger than most traditional bench chisels and are nicely balanced. The handles are designed to provide a comfortable, secure grip for precision, fatigue-free work. The handles are hard, figured maple that has been infused with acrylic to fill every cell. This makes an extremely dense and tough handle that can take pounding from a mallet. The finely machined blades are 5 inches long and 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) thick at the bolster and taper down to the bevel. The side bevels terminate with a very small side edge land which allows use in the sharpest dovetail corners. The blades are made from A2 tool steel which is some of the finest steel available for edge tools today. It is hardened and tempered in a computer controlled vacuum furnace to a hardness of Rc61. The cutting edge is ground and honed at a 30 degree angle.

WOOD magazine review

Excellent chisels at a premium price

Review Summary

Handmade in Oregon, these chisels performed exceptionally well. The acrylic-impregnated curly maple handles won’t mushroom when mallet-struck, but they’re slim and somewhat slick. The blade side bevels taper to such a sharp edge—great for dovetailing—that we had to blunt them slightly to avoid cutting our hands. These premium-priced A2 chisels are so well-made and attractive it almost feels wrong to touch them to a grinder or strike them with a mallet.
For this price we’d expect a box or leather roll, but got neither.

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