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Ashley Iles Bench Chisels

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Ashley Iles Bench Chisels
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For years Ashley Iles have been selling a really excellent range of bench chisels. However there were three complaints against them: The handles were too big, the grinding on the sides was very narrow but could be narrower, and the handles were too big. Then Iles introduced their American Pattern Chisels which addressed most of these issues, but still people asked for a longer English style bench chisel. Here It is. All the chisels 1" and under use a smaller, carving style handle which is very comfortable, the sides are ground as thin as humanly possible, and just for frosting the backs have been very carefully ground to be ever so slightly hollow - so that it is easy to bring the cutting edge to flat. The handles are bubinga. The steel is wonderful oil hardening carbon steel hardened to about Rc61. The chisels come from the factory with a edge which can be used as is or can be easily honed to perfection.

Ashley Iles is a small company with an outstanding reputation throughout Europe. They’re now becoming better known in the U.S., and the price and performance of these chisels will give some of their larger competitors a run for their money. These are some of the nicest bench chisels made in decades.

A full range of sizes is available individually or as sets at a further discount.

WOOD magazine review

Good blades, but needs better handles

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These chisels were sharp out of the box, have a thin bevel-edge profile, and held an edge well during testing. We like the feel of the bubinga handles—well, guys with small hands do—but wish the brass ferrules were tapered to eliminate the abrupt, crisp edges where they join the blade bolster. Also available in 4- and 11-piece sets. This set does not include a box or roll.

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