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Veritas Quick-Release Sliding Tail Vise

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Lee Valley/Veritas


Installing a tail vise is notoriously difficult, usually requiring a section of workbench to be cut away and rebuilt around a complicated vise mechanism. Not so with this one. It can be quickly incorporated into a new bench construction or easily retrofitted to an existing bench without major surgery. The end plates are symmetrical, so you can install the T-handle and quick-release lever in a right- or left-handed orientation, allowing the vise to be mounted at either end of the bench. Installation is straightforward: using the included hardware, attach the mounting plate to the underside of the bench, then register and secure the vise mechanism to the plate. Using wood that you supply, add a custom-made jaw the same thickness as the bench skirt. The quick-release mechanism has a simple on-off lever that engages or disengages the Acme-threaded screw, which can apply force (up to 300 lb) in both clamping as well as spreading applications – something not possible with any other quick-release tail vise.

WOOD magazine review

Best heavy-duty tail vise we've ever used

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A tail vise typically runs along the edge of a workbench and helps you secure long stock for cutting mortises or shaping a profile or taper and for clamping pieces vertically. But with most tail-vise hardware you have to build it into the bench design, cutting away a section of the top and building jaws for the vise. Veritas’ quick-release sliding tail vise mounts onto any existing workbench top with sufficient clearance underneath.
After bolting this 6-1/2"×17" vise to the bottom of my bench, I simply attached a shopmade jaw (2"-thick maple) to the sliding headstock. Then I installed a piece of equal thickness to the workbench edge to clamp against. I used this vise while building several projects, and its holding power proves equal to all the built-in tail vises I’ve used. —Tested by Bill Damman, WOOD Magazine

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