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Rockler Heavy-Duty Front Vise



This vise is perfect for custom workbenches. A quick-release mechanism engages with a 1/4 turn of the handle, letting you make major adjustments almost instantaneously. Two 3/4" dia. solid steel guide rods provide absolute resistance to racking, while an extra-wide 9" wide handle-plate delivers maximum stability to handle any project. Includes a solid hardwood handle. Wooden jaw plate not included.

* 3/4" diameter guide rods keep jaws parallel, even when clamping narrow objects on one side of the vise
* Handle plate arrives pre-drilled and ready to accept wooden jaws
* Mounts easily with 1/4" lag bolts (not included)
* 8.75" overall travel before adding wooden jaw
* 6" on-center guide rods

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