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Rockler 12'' End Vise



Heavy-duty, steel vise will be the workhorse of your custom workbench. Machined pivoting nut engages or releases with a 1/4 turn of the 1" dia. main screw so you can easily reposition your workpiece. Extra-wide 12" O.C. guide rods provide maximum resistance to racking, while extra-wide 17-1/2" handle plate delivers maximum stability to handle any project.

* 12" on-center guide rods for mounting on the end of a bench
* Can also be used as a front vise
* Handle plate is drilled out and countersunk for easy attachment of wooden jaws (not included) with #12 wood screws
* 19" screw and body length
* 13" overall travel before wooden jaws are added
* 1" diameter guide rods

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