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Central Forge Articulated Vacuum Vise

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Central Forge


This vacuum vise is ideal for any hobbyist to perform detailing work on metal and wood or soldering electronics! The universal joints on this hobby vise allow for 360 degree horizontal adjustment and 180 degree vertical adjustment to allow you to work from the best angle. The easy suction release and lightweight aluminum construction allow maximum portability making this a great hobby vise to paint figurines, work on RC cars or other small projects!

* 360-degree horizontal adjustment; 180-degree vertical adjustment
* Lightweight, sturdy cast aluminum construction
* Rubber jaw pads protect work piece
* Easy suction release

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light duty vise for small work

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I got tired of pulling out my 50 lb vise to hold screws and bolts I need to shorten, so I purchased one of these. It's just the right size for this or any other small light duty item you need held while working on. I was a little concerned that the vacuum suction cup wouldn't hold well enough after reading a few other reviews so I did an experiment. I couldn't get this vise to stick on a smooth anodized aluminum surface for more than 2 minutes in numerous tests.
Although wetting the suction produced a far different result. I wet it at noon today and it's now almost 11:00 PM., and it's still holding tight. So I'm recommending that you wet the cup before each use. I'm quite certain ,at this price, that the screw portion of this vise is not hardened steel so I wouldn't recommend over tightening the jaws, to preserve it's integrity. This vise operates smoothly and it stays put very well on smooth, flat surfaces and the jaw grip is sufficient to hold small items securely. Other similarly designed vises have found favor with users on Amazon and the Harbor Freight site so don't hesitate purchasing one of these if you have need. Can't see any reason spending $40.00 to $70.00 on others when this one does the job. I don't think you'll get any better value by spending more for this tool.

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