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Gerber SuperKnife

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* Combination of a convenient pocket knife and a utility knife
* Push a button, that doubles as a thumb stud, and the blade can be released and replaced
* Use virtually any standard utility knife blade 0.016-Inch (1/64-Inch) extra thin blade to the 0.39 (1mm) contractor grade blade
* Features anodized aluminum handle, belt clip, and a stainless steel blade holder
* The design of the one piece blade holder securely holds the blade in the knife under pressure

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The SuperKnife is the original folding utility knife, and there have been a LOT of clones and copycats over the last couple of years. What differentiates the SuperKnife is actually the fact that it requires a small phillips screwdriver to change the blade, rather than using one of those quick-release thumb catches. Because you have to intentionally mean to change the blade it's got an edge (pun intended) over its competition.
You won't accidentally flip up a lever and loosen the blade while in use. And as a bonus there's no thumb catch to get in the way when you're in tight quarters. I've had my SuperKnife since about 2002 or so, and it's completely replaced my ever-present pocket knife. And best of all - no sharpening. Just a flip of the blade and I've got a fresh edge. I use mine all the time, from slitting veneer to doing paring work to digging out a rogue splinter in my hand. With the handy clip it's always at the top of my pocket. And since it's a liner lock, it takes just one hand to open, use it, fold it up again and put it back into your pocket. This is the best utility knife I've ever used.

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