Rockler Magnetic Cord Clips

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No more stepping on or tripping over cords, or wondering if a tool is plugged in or not, the Magnetic Cord Keeper has a 5/16'' opening that holds a standard-thickness power cord and keeps it right where you can see it. The built-in rare earth magnet is extremely strong and adheres to any ferrous metal surface, keeping your cords at a manageable height. Holds up the cords on your table saw, scroll saw, band saw, or use one to keep a pencil handy. Measures 1-1/2'' in diameter and 7/8'' thick.

• Keeps cords off the floor and out of the way
• Stop bending over, the Magnetic Cord Keeper keeps cords at a manageable height
• Rare earth magnet strongly adheres to any ferrous metal surface
• Ideal for table saw, scroll saw, and band saw cords
• Use it to keep a pencil always handy
• 1-1/2'' diameter x 7/8'' thick

WOOD magazine review

Keep cords handy with a magnet hook

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You can’t get any more no-frills than this, but that’s the beauty of Rockler’s Magnetic Cord Clips. For just $8 you get two clips that simply work well at holding power cords, pencils, or drill-press chuck keys. We use them with machines that we regularly unplug (bandsaw, scrollsaw, lathe) to secure their cords at a convenient no-stoop height. When we need to plug them in again, we just pop the magnetic clip off the machine and plug the cord in—no need to remove the clip.
(Warm up a clip to loosen it if it’s stiff.)

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