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WoodJoy #85 Spokeshave



Woodjoy Tools is proud to announce an outstanding addition to our line of spoke shaves with the introduction of the #85. The #85 was the largest of the STANLEY series of wood body, low angle, RAZOR’S EDGE spoke shaves. While our new tool takes advantage of the best features of this very desirable old shave, it improves on the materials and design. Chief among the improvements is a one piece, A2 steel blade which is cryogenically treated. The steel is hardened to RC 60-62, is hollow ground on two sides for a true razor edge and performs at the highest level. The blade is easily adjusted permitting a wide or narrow opening at the mouth and wear compensation. There is a precision machined, movable brass sole allowing for fine adjustments to the cutting depth. This has the same effect as raising or lowering the blade. With the combination of the two adjustments a fine or coarse shaving can be produced. A finely tuned #85 excels at cutting end grain. The body features brass threads to hold the blade and sole. A further design improvement exclusive to Woodjoy is a relief milled under the blade for efficient shavings ejection. We are delighted to make this trusted, old spoke shave available once again. The blade has a cutting length of 2 1/2” long and is 5/32” thick. The body is made from Brazilian Cherry, and measures 12”.

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