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Veritas Spokeshaves

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These spokeshaves have been designed for smooth, effective, chatterfree shaping of chair spindles, panel edges, paddles and tool handles, or other shaping. The 1/8" thick blade, machined lever cap, and blade bed achieve chatterfree cutting in virtually all conditions. The ductile cast iron body is fitted with bubinga handles, shaped for comfort and control. The toe serves as a thumb rest, allowing the user to choke up on the body to attain exceptional control for fine work. Twin adjustment wheels quickly and accurately control cut depth and skew, and shims let you adjust the mouth opening as needed. The flat and round spokeshaves have a 2-1/8" wide blade and are suited to most kinds of woodworking. The round shave (#05P33.03, $95) has a 1-3/4" radius. The concave spokeshave (#05P33.11, $99), with a 45° bed angle, a sole radius of 15/16", and a 1-1/2" wide blade, is popular with chair and paddle makers; it is the first choice for a wide range of jobs from small spindles to large oars. Each spokeshave weighs about 12 oz. 10-1/2" long overall. Blades come in A2 or O1 tool steel.

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I own only the convex sole spokeshave (item B in the photo, above). It's pretty hip, actually. I've got small/subminiature planes to tackle duties on straight stock, but didn't have anything that would let me into the bellies of curves. Lee Valley's curved sole spokeshave was just the ticket. I first used it to finalize the shape of some tapered rungs on the back of some chairs that I was making. The performance was aces.
And since then I've occasionally needed to get into other curved areas and the spokeshave behaved admirably. I haven't had any need to sharpen the blade yet, so can't comment on that part at this time. As it comes up I'll address it with an addendum here. So up until now it's been a really good fit. I like using it. And it's pretty ta boot!

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