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Lie-Nielsen Concave Boggs Spokeshave



The Boggs Concave Spokeshave is an original design by Kentucky Master Chair Maker Brian Boggs.

A 2 5/8" (6.66cm) diameter sole makes this tool the right choice for working chair spindles and other round parts. Weight 8 oz. Body is 9 5/8" (24.44cm) long, A-2 blade 1 1/8" (2.85cm) x 1/8" (3.17mm) thick, Bronze body and cap. Hickory handles.

This spokeshave represents a collaboration between Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Kentucky’s Master Chair Maker, Brian Boggs. A 2 5/8" diameter sole makes this tool the right choice for working chair spindles and other round parts.

Geometry: The blade has a 25° bevel and is bedded at 40° to the sole, bevel down.

This tool is set up to take thin shavings (maximum .008-.010" or so). A tool with a large mouth will not perform as well on finish cuts. If you need a heavier cut, the tool can be easily modified by filing a chamfer on the leading edge of the mouth to allow a bigger shaving to pass.

Blade Sharpening: Use the spokeshave to work a 1 1/2" piece of wood to a radius that matches the blade when the blade is held at 25º to its surface (the angle of the bevel). Glue sandpaper or microfilm to the wood and use to hone the blade. Make several pieces for different grits. Use with diamond paste or honing compounds for the best edge. Hone the back of the blade as usual.

Setting depth of cut: Set the blade by eye; sight down the sole and look for the dark line of the projecting blade. Make adjustments with a small hammer. The corners of the blade are meant to be flush with the sole when the blade is set to take a thickish shaving.

Materials: Manganese Bronze body and cap, Brass thumbscrew. Heartwood Hickory or optional Cocobolo handles.

The blade is A-2 Tool Steel hardened to Rockwell 60-62, cryogenically treated and double tempered. Our heat-treating technique ensures that the blade will take and hold a very fine edge for a long time. After heat-treating, the blade is fully surface ground on the top, back, and cutting edge, giving a smooth, flat surface that will take a mirror finish very quickly.

Maintenance: Polish the bronze parts with any good brass polish or enjoy the patina that develops with age and use. Oil the blade to prevent rust.

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