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KUNZ No. 51A Flat-Bottom Adjustable Spokeshave

No. 51A


The proverbial workhorse of the shop, the adjustable Spokeshave No. 51A can do the job. This No. 51A Adjustable Spokeshave (Flat Face) by KUNZ has two adjustable screws to easily set your depth of cut and a flat bottom for shaping straight or convex surfaces. Total length of the tool is 10". The blade width is 2 1/16". Made from high carbon steel and hardened to 60 Rockwell C the blade has been machine sharpened with a bevel angle of 25 to 28 degrees. Featuring a bedding angle of 45 degrees, the tool body is made from fine grey cast iron and coated with epoxy paint for durability. Honing required before use. Crafted in Germany by KUNZ.

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