Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Templates

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Templates interlock to form a stable pattern as you rout signs with appropriate carbide router bits and bushings (3/8" for 2-1/4" kits and 5/8" for 4" kits, sold separately). Secure patterns to your work surface with Painters Tape (28521), masking tape, 1/2" or 1" Self-Adhesive Discs (23138, 28363) or double stick tape. Each Letters Kit includes a total of 40 letters with duplicates of common letters and three spacers. Each Numbers and Symbols Kit includes two each of 0-9 and 9 common symbols including @ and &. Available in two nominal sizes, as listed. Requires the use of a plunge router that accepts standard 1-3/16" template guides.

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Interlocking letters make signmaking less puzzling

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You just can’t rout signs any easier than this. Forget about messing with frames and clamps—Rockler’s Interlock Signmaker’s Templates snap together like puzzle pieces. Affix the joined word or number to your workpiece with masking tape along the edges or with double-faced masking tape underneath. Then simply plunge and guide the router along the template cutouts. It’s that simple. Because of the plastic templates’ 1/8"-thin profile, you’ll need a 3/32" guide bushing.
This bushing (about $6 from Rockler) doesn’t come with the kit, nor does a router bit. Rockler chose a Comic Sans font, which seems cockeyed on some letters; characters with solid middle fields (D, R, 9, etc.) leave two “connector” links, but overall it reads easy enough. You get 40 templates in each letter kit, including duplicates of the most common-used letters as well as spaces. The number kits have 29 templates, including two of each number as well as various symbols.

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