Milescraft Signcrafter Signmaking Kit



The Milescraft Model 1206 SignCrafter with TurnLock Base Plate helps you create signs with your router. The adjustable clamping system allows you to rout signs from 3" to 12" in width, and up to 36" in length. The character templates, made of durable polymer material, are self spacing so there is no measuring required. SignCrafter includes a TurnLock Base Plate that will fit most routers. With TurnLock as an integral feature on the Base Plate, bushing exchange is tool-free, hardware-free, and takes only seconds.

The SignCrafter kit includes:
• 84 self spacing 2-1/2" horizontal character templates
• 1 each A to Z plus one additional A, E, and I
• 1 each 0 to 9 number templates
• 1 each period and quotation mark
• One 3/8" carbide tipped router bit
• One 5/8" metal nose bushing
• Four 18" metal rails with joiners
• Two end caps
• Two low profile C-clamps, to permit easy passage of the router
• 7" TurnLock base plate with 4 mounting screws
• Centering pin

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