Ridgid 16-Gallon Vacuum/Blower

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• Detachable hand held blower provides 180 mph wind for removing debris from walkways, decks, yards, driveways, job sites, tools, etc. Performance meets or exceeds that of dedicated lawn & garden leaf blowers.
• New, dedicated blowing wand positively locks into the blowing port so it won’t blower loose.
• 6.5 peak horsepower motor provides maximum power for the heavy-duty pickup of water & debris in the shop, basement, garage or on the job.
• Scroll Noise Reduction® is a patented feature that provides quiet operation by precisely controlling the flow of air through the vac.
• Four swivel casters provide 360°, freewheeling maneuverability of the vac when pushed or pulled in any direction.
• 7’ Tug-A-Long® locking hose won’t pull loose during use.
• Innovative accessory storage provides space for 7 individual items. No more searching or fumbling to find accessories.
• 1-Layer Standard Pleated paper filter captures common everyday dirt.
• 20’ Extra long power cord accommodates wide area cleaning.
• Large built-in drain located at lowest point of drum for emptying of water.

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I'm on my second of these Vac/blowers. I wore out the first one over about 10 years of abusive use and was so satisfied that I bought another one the day my old died. The first thing to consider on buying on of these vac's is to get the detachable motor head that will allow for conversion to a blower. You don't realize how useful that blower is until you have one. For a small mess, wet or dry, the vac system is nice.
For a bigger one, I open the two car garage door to my shop, put on a mask and convert to blower. The blower is far more efficient at evacuating dust this way than any vacuum is at collecting it. The blower will launch large mounts of dust out the door even when the blower nozzle is 5-6 feet away from the dusty surface. It works equally well at inflating pool toys, rafts, and clearing dead bugs from bug zappers if you happen to need a device for that. When the filter gets clogged up, it's also very nice to be able to easily remove the filter, convert to blower and blast it clean again. After about 5 years, the switch wore out on my first one. Parts are relatively easy to locate and order from the website. All The ridgid machines there have exploded view diagrams to make part numbers easy to discern and order. The cost of the switch was only a few bucks, and easy to replace. The other nice thing about it is that all accessories for it are fairly easy to find at Home Depot. Last, there is a selection of filters you can buy depending on what kind of dust you wish to pick up, the size of the particle and your relative allergies to it... If I had to find a downside, I'd point out that it makes some serious noise (I guess they all do) and it's pitch is sort of like listening to a jet engine. So if you intend to use for anything more than a few seconds at a time, get some ear plugs because you'll get tired of listening to it about that quickly...

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