Bosch Airsweep Wet/Dry Vacuum

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4 modes of operation — Regular vacuum, Power Tool Activation, Pulse-Clean, Pulse-Clean with Power Tool Activation
Activation by power tool — Allows power tool's switch to turn vac on and off. 7-second run-on after power tool is turned off to clear hose of remaining debris.
Power Broker Dial — For allocating power (15 amps on a 15 amp circuit, 20 amps on a 20 amp circuit) between vacuum cleaner and connected power tool to avoid blown circuits. Also allows suction control for other purposes as well.
Pulse-Clean electromagnetic filter cleaning system — Shakes the dual filter cartridges to remove dust and maintain suction. Can be activated manually, or automatically, when a connected power tool is switched off.
Filters sit above maximum dust or water accumulation height.
Fine dust filtration rating — 99.93% particles of 3.0 microns and larger in diameter
Hose Port Inside Diameter 2-1/4"

WOOD magazine review

"Intelligent" vacuum clears the air and then some

Review Summary

It may not technically qualify as “artificial intelligence,” but Bosch’s Airsweep 3931 Wet/Dry Vacuum is certainly one of the smartest shop vacuums we’ve ever seen. Like other tool-triggered vacuums, this quiet unit turns on by itself when you switch on a tool (such as a router or random-orbit sander) that’s plugged into the vac’s onboard power outlet. When you turn off the tool, the Airsweep 3931 sucks for a few seconds more to clear the hose of debris, which, again, isn’t all that unusual.
But then, like a dog at the end of a bath, the vac rumbles for a few seconds more as built-in shakers loosen most of the accumulated debris from the two pleated cartridge filters. This self-cleaning feature works remarkably well, dumping about 80 percent of the caked-on dust from the filter. We hooked the Airsweep 3931 to a random-orbit sander and sanded for most of an afternoon with no apparent loss of suction. (The filter is rated to capture over 99 percent of dust particles down to 3 microns). Every time we took a break, the vac cleaned itself for the next round of sanding. We're also impressed with how well this vacuum performs its main duty: sucking up shop debris. Used with its brush attachment, it gathered even the fine dust from the wood pores after final sanding before applying finish. When we connected the Airsweep to the dust port on a router, it gathered about 90 percent of chips generated. For the occasional wet job, this vacuum proved pretty smart as well. A sensor inside shuts off the motor when the 13-gallon tank is full to prevent motor and filter damage.

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