Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy Kit for Festool vacuums

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Benefits & Features:
Industrial static conductive, 9 Gallon (34L) container
Dust Bagger, plastic bag hold-down system. No messy dumping - allows easy removal of dust in plastic bags.
Static conductive cyclone separator, hose, and components
Compatible with any vacuum
Attaches directly to Festool CT Dust Extractors
Maintains grounding path for industrial applications using a grounded-inlet vacuum
Vacuum Not Included

With the Ultimate Dust Deputy® you can combine Oneida's patented Dust Deputy® cyclone with the quality and performance of a Festool® CT Dust Extraction System to create the ultimate three stage vacuum system!

The cyclone captures over 99% of dust before it ever reaches your vacuum, resulting in virtually no filter clogging or loss of suction. You will extend the life of your vacuum and your filters, saving you valuable time and money on replacements!

The UDD integrates with Festool dust extractors but can be used with any vacuum system. It's especially useful for vacs with a grounded inlet and industrial applications requiring conductive components. Not every vacuum has a grounded inlet so please review your vacuum's owner's manual for more information on it's grounding features.

Please Note: The UDD has the same footprint and fits onto the various models of Festool vacuums in the same manner as the Systainer tool boxes do and because of that the UDD will protrude slightly on the CT Mini and CT Midi (just like the Systainer box).

The Ultimate Dust Deputy® Maintains Grounding Path
Static is an inherent problem when you combine wood dust and plastics. That's why we designed the Ultimate Dust Deputy® with static conductive and static dissipative components; it's designed to maintain a continuous grounding path from tool to the grounding of the vacuum's inlet when used with anti-static tool hoses.

WOOD magazine review

Separator arrests dust before it fouls up the filter

Review Summary

I’ve been using an Ultimate Dust Deputy on my Festool vacuum for more than three years, and it’s so effective at trapping dust and chips from my sander, router, and track saw that I’m still using the vac’s original collection/filtering bag. And because the filter never plugs, it never loses suction. When the Dust Deputy gets full, I simply dump it and start over.
Oneida makes other lower-priced Dust Deputy models, but this unit snaps directly onto Festool vacuums. —Tested by John Olson, Design Editor

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