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CMT 13-Piece Molding/Profile Shaper Cutter Set



This new set includes a precision-machined aluminium cutterhead of 1-1/4" bore diameter, plus 13 pairs of high quality M2 steel knives. The knives are automatically positioned by integral pins for a perfect, safe fit! Each set includes a sturdy molded case. If you don't see the profile you need, CMT offers 170 different profile knife options. Besides the CMT series 692 heads, these knives can be used on a number of similar systems, including heads from Amana, Stehle , C2000 among others. This set includes 13 profiles that are ideal for the professional woodworker. The profiles in this set were primarily selected to make joints and doors, and include raised panel and rail and stile cutters for cabinet doors; tongue & groove and cove & bead cutters; plus several beautiful molding profiles. CMT's specially designed cutterhead allows the use of knives with a height of either 1-37/64" (40mm) or 1-31/32 (50mm)

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