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Master Mechanic Dual-Drive Screwdriver

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Master Mechanic


A new twist on an old tool, Master Mechanic dual-drive screwdrivers employs a patented gear drive ratchet design that doubles your screwdriving efficiency.

Driving action when you turn the handle clockwise AND counter-clockwise. 29-piece set includes flexible shaft extension and multiple bit sizes for a variety of applications. Includes 7 phillips, 3 slotted, 4 hex, 3 square, 4 star, 6 SAE nut driver bits, and bit case. Ergonomic handle has a non-slip rubber grip and can store bits.

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Fastest ratcheting screw driver on the market

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I saw this screw driver on sale recently at True Value Hardware store and just couldn't resist the purchase. I love the dual driving action, which really speeds up the time it takes to drive a screw, although to activate the dual drive you have to use two hands on the driver.The handle is large and comfortable . It comes with a lot of bits, all of which your not able to fit in the handle and the flex shaft is a real plus.
The downsides I see to this screwdriver is the bit storage in the handle and the non or weak magnetic bit holder shaft and the size. You have to dump out all the bits and sort through them to find the one you need, and then dump all the rest back in and screw the lid on, which is inconvenient to say the least. If they had a handle that stored the bits like the Lutz 15 in 1 screw driver does and a magnetic head to hold the screws in place, this ratcheting screw driver would be much better. The large button to switch modes is more convenient and easier to use than on other ratcheting drivers. It's a bit heavy due to the dual drive gear mechanism, which doesn't lend itself to carrying around in your pocket. In use the cap that holds the bits in the handle has a tendency to unscrew, which is annoying. All in all though this screwdriver is nicely built and innovative with it's dual drive, which greatly speeds up the work . If I were installing or removing a lot of screws and had to use a hand held screw driver then this would be the one to use.

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