SawStop 10" Tablesaw #CNS175-TGP36

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The SawStop® 110V, 1.75HP 10" Professional Contractor Saw is engineered to fit the unique demands of the avid hobbyist in a home setting. Delivering the peerless fit and finish of the Professional Cabinet Saw, this saw’s 110V power and optimized footprint make it ideal for the many challenges of a home shop. With SawStop’s® legendary safety system, uncompromising quality and industry-leading dust collection, the 110V Professional Contractor Saw is engineered to be the cornerstone of a home shop.

Motor: 1.75 hp, 1 phase, 110 V, 14 A
Weight: 365 lbs (table saw only)
Max. rip, right of blade: 36"
Cabinet footprint: 19 3/8"W x 19 3/8"D
Cast iron table: 20"W x 27"D, 44"W x 27"D (w/ extension wings)
Cast iron wing: 12"W x 27"D
Blade: 40-tooth, professional grade, 5/8" arbor
Blade diameter: 10"
Blade tilt: Left
Blade kerf: 0.118" (3mm)
Blade plate thickness: 0.078" (2mm)
Max. depth of cut, blade at 0º: 3-1/8"
Max. depth of cut, blade at 45º: 2-1/4"
Max. rip, left of blade: 12"
Dado diameter: 8" (requires a separate brake cartridge and table insert)
Dado max. width: 13/16"
Arbor diameter at blade: 5/8"
Main bearing size: 62mm OD x 30mm ID
Second bearing size: 52mm OD x 25mm ID
Table in front of blade (max. elevation): 10-1/4"
Table behind blade (max. elevation): 7-1/2"
Arbor runout: 0.001" Maximum allowable runout
Blade lateral movement over full elevation range: 0.006" Maximum
Table flatness measured diagonally: 0.010" Maximum gap
Overall table and extension wing flatness: 0.025" maximum gap
Blade alignment with miter slot: 0.010" Maximum displacement
Deviation of miter gauge indexing stops from actual: ±0.25º
Alignment between spreader and blade: 0.010" Maximum difference
Miter slots: T-shaped, 3/4" at top, 1" at bottom, 3/8" deep
Dust collection port diameter: 4"
Riving knife / splitter thickness: 0.078" (2mm)
Blade guard: polycarbonate, extends only 5/8" to right of blade
Insert: zero clearance, steel core, ABS surfaces
Hand wheels: 7" diameter, cast iron with chrome handle
Belts: 2 V-ribbed belts – arbor belt is static dissipative

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I've had my SawStop Contractors' saw for a few years now, and I am impressed with it every time I use it. The assembly was extraordinarily easy because of the well-written instructions, color-coded packaging, and clean, perfectly aligned holes and joints. I opted for the cast iron table and larger fence and I'm glad I did; the standard table would have been okay, but I find myself using the cast iron table as my go-to flat surface for a lot of other work.
It just seems more stable, and I am able to cut fairly large pieces of MDF and plywood with no problem. I also got the mobile base. Like everything else, it was easy to install and works like a charm. One thing I was afraid of with a contractor's saw was misalignment of the fence, table, and arbor. My fears were not realized. After a few adjustments, every cut is spot on. Being kind of persnickety about such things, I still find myself double-checking the blade angle and miter gauge slots, but I haven't had any problems. I don't think I can say enough good things about this tool. But I will add 3 more items: (1) Excellent customer service; (2) thin kerf blades really shine on this saw; and (3) if the extra cost of the safety system puts you off, here's a little story: A week ago, I was cutting some small pieces using a sled. I had been doing this for some time when I realized I had my thumb on the back of the sled pushing it toward the blade. The moment I realized it was THE cut that would have put my thumb into the blade. I had to go sit down to gather my wits. With the SawStop, my injury would have been minor, but it made me grateful that I had spent the extra money.

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