Jet JTAS-10XL50-1PK Tablesaw

WOOD magazine rating
Jet Tools


* Left tilting blade for greater accuracy and safety
* Choice of 3 HP, single phase; 5 HP, single or three phase
* Comes standard with the XACTA FENCE II 30" or 50" Commercial
* Both fences also offer a 12" rip capacity to the left of the blade
* Large precision-ground 27" x 40" cast iron table with two extension wings
* Reinforced steel enclosed cabinet
* Built-in slanted cabinet floor leading toward the standard 4" steel dust port
* Convenient front left rail-mounted magnetic on/off switch
* Chrome-plated handwheels
* Hinged steel motor cover
* Totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor
* Wide stance trunnion design to eliminate vibration and insure perfect blade alignment
* Three matched v-belts mounted between the two arbor bearings for longer bearing life and greater stability
* T-slotted table with precision mitre gauge
* See-through blade guard with splitter and anti-kickback pawls
* One-piece precision ground arbor

WOOD magazine review

Riving knife cabinet saw for a respectable price

Review Summary

High Points: ↑ Its rip-fence scale with magnified red hairline cursor proved easiest to read and use. ↑ Built-in storage drawer holds blades and other accessories. Low Points: ↓ It does not come with a power cord or blade. ↓ The splitter/knife stands higher than the blade, and so it must be removed for partial-depth cuts, such as rabbets and tenons. An optional riving knife costs $30–$40. ↓ The miter gauge fits sloppily in the miter slot and includes no adjustment.
↓ We were unable to activate the small “off” switch with a leg bump. More Points: → To change blades, you must first remove the blade guard and pawls to remove the throat insert. → An arbor lock makes for one-wrench blade changes.

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