Grizzly Contractor-Style Tablesaw G0661

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You may be wondering how we can offer a Contractor Style Table Saw with a riving knife that moves up & down with the blade? Well, we combined the lightweight open contractor style stand with a vertically aligned motor & blade raising & tilting mechanism that's supported by heavy cast iron table mounted trunnions. No more cantilevered motor mounts & stationary riving knives. You also get the benefit of very efficient dust collection since the hood moves with the blade mechanism. With all these great features, you'll love this table saw.

WOOD magazine review

Riving knife adds safety to contractor-style saw

Review Summary

Grizzly’s G0661 tablesaw breaks the contractor-style-tablesaw mold with a motor that mounts below the blade instead of hanging out the back. Also, the motor moves with the blade arbor up and down on a lead screw. This enables its riving knife to move up and down with the blade while staying just below the arc of the blade, allowing you to cut rabbets or tenons without the blade guard/splitter assembly.
The saw’s 2-hp-rated, 110-volt motor plowed the blade through every tough task I threw at it—such as bevel-ripping 2"-thick white oak—without hesitation. The T-square-style rip fence has smooth and straight aluminum sideboards, red hairline cursors on the left and right sides, and a solid lock. Another nice feature: You can adjust the 0° and 45° blade-bevel stops via two screws recessed into the cast-iron top. No more fumbling inside the guts trying to adjust bolts. I like the shroud around the blade that corralled most of the dust, but its 2-1/2" port underneath the saw proved difficult to reach and attach a hose. —Tested by Doug Hicks

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