Irwin Marathon 7-1/4" 24T Circular Saw Blade

Irwin Marathon


Marathon® Portable Corded Circular Saw Blades Features:
New and improved design
Every other tooth is thinner for faster cuts
New heat vent/expansion slot design reduces vibration for longer life and straighter cuts
Construction grade carbide teeth for longer life
Reinforced shoulder for added durability
Fully hardened plate runs truer, longer

The Marathon 7-1/4-inch, 24 tooth circular saw blade is designed tough and long lasting for the professional. The thin kerf design provides faster, cleaner cutting action as less material is being removed. The hardened plate runs truer and avoids warping. C3 carbide tips provide long life and are impact resistant. The specifically engineered heat vents reduce heat and resin build-up which can lead to blade binding and warping. Marathon's unique shoulder design puts more support behind each tooth and provides for consistent chip removal. Marathon saw blades are truly "Long Distance Runners."

Product Description
7-1/4", 24 Tooth C3 Carbide Tipped Marathon Circular Saw Blade, 5/8" Universal Arbor, Precision Honed & Impact Resistant, Ultra Thin Kerf Results In Less Wood Cut & Extends Life Of Blade.

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