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Gmaxx is a new, unique line of saw blades and router bits manufactured in Germany by Guhdo, a name synonymous with quality, innovation and high value since 1908. Gmaxx saw blades incorporate an electrostatically applied coating, which is thinner, stronger and more uniform over the body of the blade. Blades are manufactured using a proprietary grinding process for precision-balanced blade bodies. The unique Gmaxx coating and grinding processes provide longer blade life and superior blade performance and are designed for use on table saws, radial arm saws and chop/miter saws.

The Gmaxx series of tooling has been developed for serious professionals and industrial users in commercial and custom furniture manufacturing, woodworking, contracting, finish carpentry, boatbuilding and remodeling.

WOOD magazine review

Gmaxx blades cut everything but your wallet

Review Summary

After about a year of regular use in the WOOD® shop, we’ve found that Guhdo Gmaxx saw blades deliver quality performance for a value price. These German-made blades cut well in multiple materials, from hardwoods and softwoods to veneered plywood and melamine-coated particleboard.
And the best part: Most of them cost $40–$80 per blade, although some go up to $100. We tested a number of 10" and 12" blades on tablesaws, mitersaws, and the radial-arm saw in the WOOD shop, and each delivered a performance worthy of its price. However, sometimes they slightly chipped out workpieces on the surface and exit edge. (To get perfect cuts you typically have to spend $80 or more for a premium blade.) Our only other issue with a Gmaxx blade was the loud, distracting noise created by the deep gullets on the 50-tooth combination blade.

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