Freud P410 Premier Fusion Tablesaw Blade



Equally suited to ripping and crosscutting, the versatile 10-inch Freud P410 Premier Fusion Saw Blade delivers clean finishes in a wide variety of materials. Thanks to a rigid, laser-cut, anti-vibration body, Freud's Perma-SHIELD coating, and a design that fuses Hi-ATB teeth with a unique, side-grind geometry, it smoothes surfaces as you cut them.

Equally suited to handling hard- and softwood, plywood, laminate, and more
Ideal for ripping materials 3/8 to 1-1/2 inches thick
Ideal for crosscutting materials 3/4 to 3-1/2 inches thick
Superior anti-vibration performance with polymer fill and laser-cut slots
Tough Perma-SHIELD coating reduces friction and heat buildup
Technical Specs:
Coating Perma-SHIELD
Diameter 10"
Teeth 40 Hi-ATB
Arbor 5/8"
Kerf (K) .126
Plate (P) .098

Combination of unique design and special polymer fillerreduces vibration above and beyond any other blade resultingin superior performance.

Side-grind, Hi-ATB Teeth for Exceptional Versatility
This Premiere Fusion blade makes big projects more efficient by allowing you to move from start to finish without changing blades or sacrificing precision. The blade's configuration fuses 30-degree, Hi-ATB teeth with Freud's double-side-grind tooth geometry. Whether you're working with hard- or softwood, this design provides a smooth side finish while crosscutting and while ripping. It also delivers flawless, chip-free finishes on the top side and the bottom side, when working with hard-to-handle materials like double-sided laminate, veneered plywood, or melamine.

This high-tech Fusion blade's ideal working range when ripping includes materials that range from 3/8 to 1-1/2 inches thick. When crosscutting, its ideal range includes materials that are 3/4 to 3-1/2 inches thick. It has a 5/8-inch arbor and produces a 0.126 kerf.

Unique Polymer Filler for Superior, Anti-Vibration Design
Like all Freud blades, this Fusion blade is precision balanced and pretensioned for truer cuts under heavy loads. However, its unique design takes Freud's standard laser-cut, anti-vibration slots to the next level. Paired with a specially formulated polymer filler, these slots reduce side-to-side movement for cleaner finishes, longer blade life, and reduced noise while you work. And because the entire blade is laser cut from high-strength steel, you can trust that it will stay stable, flat, and true, even after prolonged use.

High-Density Carbide for Maximum Cutting Performance
This Fusion blade's 40 teeth are finished with tips made from Freud's application-specific TiCo high-density carbide. The TiCo blend used in Fusion Series blades offers a mix of density, hardness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and impact resistance that's ideally matched to the varied demands placed on a multi-use blade.

With teeth that start out sharper and deliver improved edge retention, the blade can go longer between sharpenings,s and will hold up longer--saving you time and money.

Perma-SHIELD Coating Reduces Friction and Heat Buildup
Built to withstand tough use in less-than-ideal conditions, this blade is finished with Freud's red Perma-SHIELD--a non-stick coating that reduces friction and nearly eliminates the heat buildup that excess friction can cause. By providing complete thermal insulation, this coating protects your tools and your work surface. And it resists binding when the blade is used for large-volume cutting applications, which reduces blade warp.

As a lubricating feature, Perma-SHIELD allows the blade to spin freely while reducing stress on the motor and carriage of your saw. In addition, this coating helps prevent debris collection and resin or "pitch" buildup. Since gummy pitch buildup causes extra drag on the motor of your saw, less buildup is another little convenience that translates into longer tool life and longer blade life. It also means less downtime for blade cleaning, so you get jobs done faster.

This industrial saw blade is backed by Freud's limited lifetime warranty.

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